Finite By Design's Certified Crypto Card (Paper Wallet) - [CGB, PPC, or XPM]



Certified Crypto Cards - Finite By Design’s version of paper wallets

Item options are:

  • 1 card (no backup) @ $10 USD
  • 2 cards (1 original with 1 backup) @ $15 USD
  • 3 cards (1 original with 2 backups) @ $20 USD

These cards are designed for use as cold storage for your cryptos or as a medium for gifting cryptos to others. Each Crypto Card comes on an embossed card (standard business card size) and displays the wallet address on the front and has the privkey for redemption hidden behind a tamper resistant hologram sticker on the rear. The privkey is never exposed online and is printed on a dumb printer once generated and immediately inserted behind the hologram sticker with any residual copies immediately destroyed. I am the only one that ever sees the privkey and I am extremely cautious to secure as to allow longevity to my business model.


The text on the card itself reads:

[center]"Certified Crypto Card - [crypto of choice]

Finite by Design certifies this Crypto Card (paper wallet) for holding of the digital crypto-currency / crypto-commodity [crypto of choice] . Simply send your funds to the address provided below and then keep this Crypto Card in a safe place. When you are ready to redeem the attached funds, simple remove the tamper resistant hologram sticker from the rear of the card to expose the privkey. Then enter the privkey into the [crypto of choice] client console for redemption by using the below command replacing privkey with the actual privkey from the rear of the Crypto Card:

Importprivkey “privkey”

Wallet Address: [f*D generated address fro Crypto Card]"[/center]

PLEASE NOTE: Only CGB, XPM and PPC are supported at this time but additional lines will be added in the future.


Here are a couple of images, I will be adding professional ones in the coming days:




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