FGPA miner announced

#FPGA #XPM miner undergoing testing now. coming soon from #BitEX

You know who is developing this? Can’t they develop it for a different pool? I know ypool is a nice pool and all the folks over there are good guys, only thing is with 99% of the network, and with FPGA coming to ypool, wouldnt it be better to get things a bit balanced and maybe start testing on beeeeer or somewhere else

Again, I have nothing against the ypool bunch, that they are doing such good work shows in their network share, only for the future of primecoin things would be better a bit more decentralized.

I think he just answered to @ypool, doesn’t necessarily mean it will be specifically developed for that pool. This would be the company https://bitex.co.uk/

He also said that they would contribute to Primecoin core development, and that major XPM news are imminent (!)