Favorite exchanges

What’s your the main exchange out there? There is a good market situation and what do think about that list cryptogeek.info/en/blog/the-must-have-exchange-apps? Hitbtc or changelly pro are truly reliable to exchange?

I’ve used Bittrex so far. I don’t really have a favourite exchange. Considering the risk with KYC documents I prefer to use as few as possible.

Tried Bittrex, it was really problematic. Now using SouthXchange and been having no problem.

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Usually my process is to convert fiat to BTC at Coinbase, and then send it to Bittrex to convert the BTC to PPC.

I’m doing the same thing but with different variables:
BTC -> Dash
Coinbase -> Uphold
Bittrex -> SouthXchange

I like to use Changelly to convert minned ETH & RVN. SouthXChange works nice when trading with BTC & LTC.

Can we get on Blocknet?