FAO: Sunny King - Review of MetaLair Decentralised Exchange Design Papers

Hi Sunny King,

I’m posting a message here because I’m not sure if you’re seeing my emails.

We’re keen to get copies of the MetaLair decentralised exchange design over to you for review. This is for two main purposes.

Firstly to sanity check our design.

Secondly we’re keen to include PPC in the exchange. It’s the only PoS currency we’re considering adding at this stage and want to make sure our exchange can support it so as to check the spread of different types of blockchains it can support.

At launch we will be manually adding currencies. Once we’ve hit the final version however new currencies will be added to the exchange via a proof of work voting mechanism so only the most popular currencies are represented.

As we’ve already discussed with you and agreed we’re keen for you to review the papers in a non-disclosure capacity until we launch, but with a view to let the community know what we are doing is viable and is a different solution to coloured coins (which require trust in a central authority) and side chains (which require changes to the core source code of coins who wish to support them).

Copies of our papers are also with Fuzzy Bear who’s also agreed to non-disclosure until launch too.

Hope to hear from you soon.