Explorers and Peers

Peercoin website needs to be updated. I checked the git yesterday but couldn’t figure out how you want updates on there.

BitInfoCharts doesn’t have an explorer but they do display some info @ https://bitinfocharts.com/peercoin/

Do mining pools need to be reached out to? or more social media announcements about v0.9? There’s a majority of peers on v0.8 and some on v0.9

What precisely should be updated? Bitinfocharts removed?

They have been reached out.

under “explorers”, there’s Bitinfocharts listed with the link:


which is dead.

PR here https://github.com/peercoin/peercoin.net/pull/143

ok thanks.

still don’t know how to do it.

Not too bad. You just fork and then pull request your repo to the main one. Plenty of online guides, but I got it for you this time.