ExchangeMyCoins is introducing Repeat Exchange - Making life for miners easier

Hi guys

ExchangeMyCoins just launched an exciting new feature I would like to share with you.

We specialize in giving users easy access to the most popular crypto coins without the need for accounts. Fast, easy, secure and anonymous. Just like crypto coins was meant to be.

Today we are launching a new feature for miners: Repeat Exchanges.

Miners are the core of the crypto coin system so we created a unique feature to make mining a lot easier. Miners can now make one initial exchange and then continue to transfer coins to the same deposit address.

All future transfers will automatically be exchanged and sent to the address initially provided. Miners can now mine any of the coins we support and instantly exchange them to something less volatile, like Bitcoin, without dealing with complicated API’s and other technical stuff.

Again making crypto coins easier to deal with for everyone.

Feel free to try it out today:

Best regards
Jacob Worsøe

Hi Jacob,

Nothing about supporting Peercoin yet? :slight_smile:

[quote=“Thireus, post:2, topic:3403”]Hi Jacob,

Nothing about supporting Peercoin yet? :)[/quote]

This. It also lacks some serious NuBits :wink:

[quote=“Thireus, post:2, topic:3403”]Hi Jacob,

Nothing about supporting Peercoin yet? :)[/quote]
We did support Peercoin until last week, but the wallet has been very unstable lately, so at the moment it is not running. Hope to bring it back soon.