Exchange info on Investor page - Merge/Remove Newcomer page?


Would it be possible to add a guide section for the investors page? Similar guides are listed under the Merchant and Miner sections but I find it would be useful to link to the Exchange section under the Investor section (not only Newcomers). Since I already owned Peercoins (from mining) and wanted to buy new Peercoins from an exchange I didn’t consider myself a newcomer so had to poke around a little more than I should have. It’s not a major change but I find it would be useful.

Even better might be renaming/removing the “Newcomer” section and including it directly under the Investor page or moving it to “Learn (Use/Spend Peercoins)”. Do we really need to make the distinction between a newbie and an investor? Since Peercoin’s main purpose is a store of wealth are we not all investors?


That makes sense. There has been talk recently of a complete redesign of the website, and one of the main reasons for the redesign would be to place more focus on having clear info for investors. However there has been some difficulty with making minor updates as the original web developer is not active here at the moment, so it likely won’t be changed until a full redesign takes place. Hopefully that will happen in the near future.

At least it gives us a lot more time to really think about how we want to change the site and what content we want to add. We shouldn’t rush into this unless we know exactly what we’re trying to accomplish. Also, hopefully we have a better answer to the question of how we want to market Peercoin than we did last time the redesign happened.