[Essay Three Heavy Big Prizes] Cryptocurrency and PoS, 600 PPC Award!

[size=14pt]Peercoin Chinese Community and 8BTC forum jointly organize the “Cryptocurrency and PoS” essay contest[/size]

No.1 Heavy Big Prize: Forwarding Weibo Lucky Draw
Do you know when the first PoS block in the world showed up on blockchain?
Keep a close eye on Peercoin Chinese Community http://www.weibo.com/diandianbi official weibo and forwarding this weibo, three winners will be drawn on June 24 with each prize of 5PPC. Essay contest is expected to award 600PPC, Come on! Mengchuo:

Article Guidelines:

[ol][li]Please mark [Essay] in title.[/li]

[li]Be Original, not plagiarism! [/li]

[li]Topic must be related to cryptocurrency or PoS.[/li]

[li]Please enclose PPC address to receive tip.[/li]

[li]Reply this post to post your contest work.[/li][/ol]

Contest Date: starting on June 8, 2015 and ending on June 22, 2015.

Contest Awards:
No.2 Heavy Big Prize:

  1. Participation Award: Each original article with 300 words or more will be awarded 5PPC (maximum 100, budget 500ppc)
    No.3 Heavy Big Prize:
  2. First prize, 50PPC
  3. Second prize, 30PPC
  4. Third prize, 20PPC

Exceptional articles will be published in the home page of http://www.8btc.com

How to participate:
Please copy the url after you post your article and reply below main posts:
Peercoin Chinese Community: http://diandianbi.org/thread-537-1-1.html
Peercoin specific area at 8BTC forum: http://8btc.com/thread-19557-1-1.html
Held simultaneously

How to select:
Editors from 8BTC will select the winners after contest ends. Peercoin Chinese Community will not involved in the selection of winners.

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