Electrum - The Future


Hey All!

I’m James! Pleased to meet you. I made the XPM Electrum wallet, its an SPV wallet for primecoin that requires a server to run. My eventual intention was to create the Ledger Nano S app that interacted with it. This is already done, but needs some ‘none-tech’ work to actually get it onto Ledgers platform (Docs, Images, Comms)

Anyway, earlier it became apparent that the server had been down for a few weeks and nobody had noticed until today, Which suggests its not widely used.

It’s costing around $10 a month to keep it running, and it seems like the so called foundation is no longer a thing, so my proposal is that I shut it down, and we abandon the electrum project. And aim to add PrimeCoin to a hardware wallet that doesnt require a 3rd party wallet such as Trezor, or, a day when Ledger will allow additions to Ledger Live.

The electrum private keys can be imported into the full node wallet as far as I remember.


Unless anyone is screaming for it, I’ll shutdown the Electrum server at the end of Feb.


Hi James, so what’s your request?
If you speak for expenses, I can pay for 12 months!


No I’m not looking for donations!

My point was, I think we should shut down Electrum, due to little or no use, and looking for any objections! The cost is one aspect, and maintenance / support too.

It can always be brought back in the future if Primecoin becomes popular again!