Effect of Client Releases on PoS Difficulty

I’ve added in the release dates of v0.4 and Peerunity into the PoS difficulty chart from peerchain.net.


1 = v0.4 Release
2 = v0.4 Upgrade deadline
3 = Peerunity Release

There’s a big spike after the v0.4 release period, but a pretty big fall afterwards too. My guess is that many people were trying out minting with the new client, but didn’t continue for whatever reason.

The minting button in Peerunity doesn’t seem to have had quite as big an impact, but maybe it’s too early to tell.

Overall, the new clients don’t seem to have had a huge effect on the trend over the past year, which is a steady increase:

Or maybe I’m just reading too much into things. Thoughts?

I think that the planned minting tab with easy to understand and clear instructions could make minting very popular if the price goes up. It’s just not worth the effort at current prices for many people to hold their coins for one year and then get a small amount of ppc worth a few dollar, they normally win/loose in a day.