Easily mine all the coins (Peercoin fork)

Hi guys, it’s been a couple of weeks since I started experimenting with Peercoin protocol.
I would like to create a private blockchain, forked from Peercoin, to store data on it.

For the moment I just changed the genesis block, the initial message bytes and deleted checkpoints and peers inside chainparams.cpp. I tested everything on regtest and seems to work fine.

I was thinking to mine all coins at the beginning and then using only PoS to maintain security of the network, since the important thing to me is the data I will place in the chain and the coin has no such importance to me, so I don’t want to spend energy and time on “real” mining.
So I thought about two practical solutions to mine all the coins at the beginning (as soon as the mainnet is active):

  1. to activate “generatetoaddress” RPC function also in the mainnnet and just generating all coins until the maximum amount

  2. to set a fixed and low difficulty for mining, for example just 1 zero at the beginning of the hash, and use one of the programs for mining that you suggest on the Peercoin docs

Do you think there are other solutions? Do you think this is achievable in a few weeks? And if so, what are the functions or files or parameters I should concentrate my efforts to ?

I can’t think of any reason you would do this. Storing data can be done much more efficiently if you just store it as data rather than a Blockchain. Cryptographic proofs can be done easier with simple message signing than having formal txns. If the coins aren’t important, then the stake isn’t important, and your ‘proof of stake’ is meaningless. Just store data using a normal .dat or .txt file and encrypt it like a normal person.

To get at your question more directly, there is no maximum coin distribution and you will never mine all the coins. Rather, the Peercoin PoW block reward is tied to the difficulty such that a more competitive/efficient chain has a lower inflation due to PoW.

About the coins I would like to mine a large quantity, since there is no “all coins” and then use them like in modern blockchains with PoS only. It is not that they are meaningless, but since I want to keep a fixed quantity, with PoS only, it does not make sense that before eventually opening my chain to the public I mine alone all coins with standard difficulty.

Also, yes I would like to implement precisely cryptographic proofs.