DuoDuo System Updates No. 016

[ol][li]DouDou wallet V1.2 was submitted for beta users to test. At the earliest possible time, mirroring will be made public next week.[/li]
[li]DuoDuo atm’s master control module has successfully communicated with PPC nodes on Raspberry Pi. The current master control module can receive real-time PPC prices from bter.com and the balance of PPC in wallet, and can handle message feedback.[/li]
[li]Next step is to consider two-dimensional code recognition, paper currency recognition, wallet and master control as a whole.[/li]
[li]Consider using tablet as display module.[/li][/ol]

Original Chinese post at: http://diandianbi.org/thread-508-1-1.html
Author: iot (HappyMashroom)
Translator: happypeer