DuoDuo System Update No. 015

DuoDuo System V1.2 release, the following bugs were fixed:

[ul][li]Wi-Fi password input. It used a U disk to import Wi-Fi password before. Now I changed to use tf card of Raspberry Pi to directly store Wi-Fi file through computer. It read automatically while booting. It doesn’t require a U disk, and it is done automatically without pressing any buttons.[/li]

[li]The problem that lcd1602 could not be off screen was solved, which was a bug.[/li]

[li]The problem of entering password for minting was solved. Currently password can be entered while wallet is running. Pressing Enter to quit if wrong password is entered; User can re-enter password by pressing the button again next time.[/li]

[li]Experiments to import block file were conducted. Experiments show that PPC wallet is very sensitive to the completeness of block file. Copied to a U disk, it is easy to cause file errors and the file will not be queried.

As viewed from the current situations provided by three beta users, only one successfully completed the copying of block file, and the remaining two failed. The success rate of the block import was only about 30% in my testing.

So block import needs to manually complete under the Linux environment, and users require some knowledge of Linux operations. Although doing so is more complex, it is the most reliable copy method. The failure of block import was caused by the lack of completeness in the process of copying of block file. So before this issue is resolved, DuoDuo wallet must manually copy the block file to ensure success.

Later period, under the environment of cold minting, I may consider opening a network port, through the network to complete the copying of block file. This way perhaps can solve the problem of copying of block file.[/li]

[li]Mirroring will be uploaded for beta users within a few days. Later period it will be open source.[/li][/ul]

Original Chinese post at: http://diandianbi.org/thread-506-1-1.html
Author: iot (HappyMashroom)
Translator: happypeer