[Download] Peercoin-Raspi-Desktop - Automated installer for raspberry pi


The eta on 0.5 is unknown, peercoin 0.5 is in development.
Did you type ‘sudo’ before the commands you ran? A lot of commands need to have sudo in front, otherwise you don’t have root (admin) permissions.


That might be it. I’ll try. If not I will roll back all changes, take out the commands that I don’t want executed by the script and then run it entirely


I’ve followed your guide to get my Raspberry Pi all set up and it’s working great. I also installed Minera and set it up to mine.
Suddenly when I logged in using Putty, it warned me my SSH key changed. Can you think of any steps in your guide that would cause this? I am trying to figure this out by the process of elimination. It might have been something to do with Minera but I want to make sure. The Pi is on a home network completely isolated from the world except a handful of forwarded ports.



Could you give a guide for building peerunityd only ? the peerunity I built doesn’t start and I don’t really need/want the graphic ui.


@fishb0ne: Glad to hear it’s working! The only possible cause I can think of, is the automated removal of sshd and ssh by my installer script. If you re-install ssh afterwards, it might be possible that a new key is generated.

@mhps: I haven’t found a way to compile peerunityd on the pi! So I’ve included ppcoind with peerunity-qt client. They seem to work fine toghether


Does anyone have a blockchain file? It would be nice to keep on hand and make installations of this run super quick!


I’m going to resurrect this OLD thread in case others are giving this a go nowadays.

I’ve picked up a Raspberry Pi2.

I grabbed your script and the zip file. Installation seems to have completed but going back through there are some errors and the email portion at the end failed. I also never got prompted a few other times as you expected to happen. The firewall errored out (among other issues that I probably didn’t notice).

I’m wondering if this needs a bit of an update for newer packages out there. I’m going to wipe the Pi and start over with raspbian again fresh and then I’ll actually walk through the script manually and see where issues pop up, resolve them and note them.


So I’m stepping back and setting up a peerbox as I want to run headless.

But at first glance I wasn’t having any issues with anything other the email setup when running it all manually (the email setup took a few tries but then I’d have issues sending mail).

I’d love to have the time available to go through this thoroughly but I do not :frowning:


peerbox won’t have the fix for recent bug. using the script in this thread you should have ppcoind compiled, too. there is no problem running headless.


You make a good point. I had forgotten about that (and I had even read that Peerbox thread).

I should really look into ppcoind as I’ve run it before but have no idea how to verify that it’s doing what it needs to be doing with regards to acting as a proper node and all.


Hi Etakmit, thanks for your efforts. I’ve also re-run the script, and I can start ppcoin-qt 0.5rc1, but it keeps saying that the blockchain hasn’t fully downloaded.
I’m going to look up the test to see if it is on the correct blockchain.


Thanks to you guys on this thread. Keep up the good work.

Steady as she goes: wins in the long run!


It seems that the 0.5rc1 client is on the wrong chain. The install script installs the client from github.com/ppcoin/ppcoin.git
I think the developers have enough work to do at the moment … Eventually a working repository will be present at github again, and from that moment the raspi desktop installation will also install correctly again.


Thanks for the answer. I am testing this project since yesterday. There were just two issues. Sync of the blockchain and after the blockchain was synced my transactions in the imported wallet still appeared as not confirmed, except one.


Hi C3PO, have the confirmation issues been resolved since last week? I’m glad that it seems to be working again! The installer script is now compiling 0.5 rc2, I’m going to test this weekend on my pi


[member=29985]Tea42[/member] Hi, I tested it a few times with peerunity on different pis. The only version wich is now working stable is the Peercoin-QT option. Thank you for your help.


Is this tutorial still up2date? I wanted to test peercoin raspi on my raspberry pi 2.