Download Link to All Peercoin Logo & Text Files

Lightning finally sent me all the files for the text logo. I decided to include the new text files and the old logo files all in one download. For the old stuff, go to the folder called Peercoin Logo Files. For all the new stuff, just go to the folder called Peercoin Text Files and you’ll have a choice between two folders, one for the dark background and another for the light background. Please check all the files out and let me know if we’re missing anything. Here is the link as well as some samples…

Nice Font! Is it possible to put that on the page? The new logo is up, but not the “Peercoin” with the leaf as dot on the i.

If you didn’t know yet the website has been switched to Also, I think it would be a great idea to switch over to the dark imagery with the logo and lighter text for the top of the website and remove the wood paneling.

Edit: Hey, 500 posts!

Gratz! :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for somebody to confirm everything is good here. Are there any other files we need for this?

Hey only a tiny bit of an opinion, it might be worth just sorting the kerning on the letters so everything’s evenly spaced. Other than that looks really good.

Have to say I love them :slight_smile: great work Sent