Double spend in memory pool

I did a partial double spend by accident since I have installed Primecoin-Qt on two computers. Does anyone know how long the transaction will be in the memory pool and block my funds?

Unconfirmed transactions are stored in wallet.dat. I don’t know if they are ever removed automatically. If your other machine has the same keys in the wallet, you could copy over the wallet.dat file from that machine. Note that if you have used up all keys in the wallet (about 100 by default), the wallets may differ. And as always, it’s always good to make backups first. It’s also good to start the client with -rescan after replacing the wallet.dat file.

Another option with the current code is to use the -salvagewallet option which will recover the private keys from your current wallet.dat. Make sure you have a backup in case this operation fails. Bitcoin 0.9.0 introduced a more convenient -zapwallettxes option but we haven’t merged with the 0.9 version yet.

Thank you for this information :slight_smile:

yeah very good answer mikaelh, i’ll have to look at some of those features on the bitcoin wallet and see if we can pull these into peercoin.