Donations to Distributed Computing Projects

I would like to see the level of community interest in donating to popular distributed computing projects. The goal of this initiative is to cooperate with other distributed computing projects, so primecoin users can donate to their favorite distributed computing network.

Unlike primecoin, traditional distributed computing project is centralized. The computing power comes from volunteers, however it also has cost associated with operating and administrating such networks. Primecoin is in a good position to help fund some of these networks. Of course, this also depends on the generosity of primecoin users.

If there is enough community interest and we can manage to get a few distributed computing networks to set up donation addresses, I would create an official webpage for this purpose. If you have connection to any such distributed computing network, please help us to reach out and see if they are interested in joining this initiative.

can you explain more what you want from the community?? I am always willing to give a slice of my good fortune / time to worthy causes.

There is an interesting “voting” and rewards system that has been incorporated in MemoryCoin… are you looking for interest in votes atm, or interest from people willing to donate? or looking for a group of people to help setup a distributed computing project… either way it sounds interesting and you can probably count me in


Let’s say for example GIMPS/PrimeGrid (or even Prime95 which is just software project not distributed computing) are interested in accepting XPM donations. We can set up a dedicated page to advertise their participation and donation address. Our users can then donate to such project.

Of course it’s not limited to math computing, any scientific computing project can be a candidate, such as folding@home or seti@home.

No it’s not about voting, just to help out other networks with scientific computing roots like primecoin, but having more difficulty securing funding. I think it’s a worthy cause.