[quote=“Sentinelrv, post:49, topic:406”]So I got an email back from the guy who owns Here is his response…


I understand your position; however, a simple donation is out of
question. I’m part of a group of professional domain investors and
unfortunately we don’t do charity.

That said, I’m sympathetic to your cause and would be willing to work
out a solution to your problem. I agree that PPCoin or PeePeeCoin isn’t
a serious brand and will hamper your chances of broader recognition, and
the same is valid if you pick some weird domain extension such as .ME.

Therefore I give you the following options:

  • Negotiate and buy the domain (Bitcoin accepted);
  • Securely lease the name through with a purchase option;
  • Trade for a premium .com Cryptocurrency related name if you have one;
  • Exchange the domain for some programming work (I’d have to think
    exactly what);
  • Freely use the name for the lifetime of your project in exchange for
    some (Bitcoin related) advertising space in your website.

What do you say?[/i]

I asked him how much he would charge for it and here was his second response.

I don’t have a set price, this is open to discussion. However if you
want a parameter, I have sold quite a few Crypto-currency related names
in the $5-$25k range, including some names that are popular sites today.
I understand you’re doing this on a budget and for non-commercial
purpose, thus I’d be more inclined to charge on the lower end.

Personally, I think is good enough and as long as nox is ok with it, we get it for free. Why waste a bunch of money like this?[/quote]
Ugh domain squatters. Lets just say I have it on good authority from a Bitcoin conference that this will soon go away with a new Bitcoin product.
Tell him I would be willing to trade or pageviews before I shut it down).
I think some advert space in the footer might also be worth something. When we become a major crypto thats a decent amount of traffic, vs just squatting on the domain.

Super3, I sent him your offer, but haven’t heard anything back yet. I also finally heard back from the owner of


If Sunny would like to buy the business from me, it would include:

The domains:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
The PeerCoin, Inc. logo and tee shirt inventory
Source code that enables merchants to set up accounts to receive payments in BTC and PPC, and automated e-mail delivery of digital goods

I am accepting payment for the business in PPC only.

Zachary Burt
"[/i] is the first website you see when you search Peercoin, so I’d rather have to pay for this domain rather than He also owns the Peercoin Twitter account, which I’m assuming he’d give us also. I don’t know about using any of the business stuff. The website doesn’t even look like a business from the home page. I’d rather just buy it for the domain and Twitter account.

I’m sure there has to be a major Peercoin investor that could help us out with this. It would only help out the future price of the coins they already own. Does anybody know somebody like this? Maybe we could find someone on the btc-e chat to help. I sent a response asking him how much he had in mind, also mentioning that we’ve already obtained so he knows we’re not desperate for it. Thoughts?

Super3, I got a response back from the guy that owns about your offers…

"I’ll pass on the domains, but if you have a cryptocurrency related
website ( or some other) with relevant traffic, I can give
you full control of and change to your nameservers in
exchange for advertisement. I just can’t give you ownership in this case
as the deal would last as long as you had a website up and generating
enough traffic."

This might be a good deal. I don’t really want any advertisements on the website, but it might be worth it to get forwarded to the main website. Where would we put this advertisement and would Sunny accept it? Let me know what you want me to tell him.

I don´t think it´s a good idea to have advertisment on the main Website for PPC. Looks kind of shabby to me.

I think middle to long term it doesn’t make a difference if we use .net or .org

Sooner or later the oficial Website will be on top at google.

Additional: What would this advertisement be for? He said crypto related thing… like LTC ?.. on the main PPC Website? Would be OK to advertise for PPC business. But anything als is imho not a good idea

It is quite annoying that ‘’ is perpetrating itself as the ‘PeerCoin Business’.

The website is rubbish, has offensive language on the front page and makes it look like the guy start Peercoin as a business rather than it being a very loose affiliation of the Peercoin protocol.

Do we know what he is looking for? I can’t see the “business” generating any revenue from the site.

Looks like the guy who runs it is a member on the forum:

Although I’m not quite sure what to make of his posts…