Does the community have a history with this user? Flibbr

This character is constantly spreading around lies that Peercoin was instamined, no announcement with a difficulty of 0. Does the community have a history with this character in the past? I understand he runs a Bitcoin market, however, lies do nothing to help push his supported currency forward. He makes all the honest people that support Bitcoin look bad.

yes he’s often on btc-e.

will remind him how wrong he is next time.

Now would be a good time to talk strategy. Does the community think I should be re-tweeting his nonsense, along with a link to where his claims can be disproved (but thereby engaging in aggressive messaging), or should we just let the market come to its own realization that his claims are false (so we look “above the fray”, but at the risk of not combating those claims)

He has been doing it for quite some time. When he first started the smear campaign in April I issued a statement regarding the accusation of premining here:

Curiously before that I remember there was a rumor that flibbr was going to support ppc in his marketplace. So I have no idea what happened. I didn’t have any direct dealing with him other than the statement so it’s kinda of strange to me as well. Maybe he had some bad influence from his friends, or he is just die-hard ltc fan that cannot tolerate any competition, I don’t know.

Despite his antics I would rather treat him with respect and hopefully he would change his ways. Pointing out his errors would be fine though. We all have differences in the cryptocurrency community, but I think we all make our own contributions in some way toward a common goal.