Does Mining Speed Depend on Internet connection Speed

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When Mining Solo with PrimeCoin Wallet QT…Does the speed of finding Primes Depend on your internet connection speed… or is it mainly about your processor

i found this on the Wiki …and i have found it …Very useful
but no were does it Say about whether internet connection speed has effect in Solo mining with QT

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It should not, but a slower connection speed could increase the number of orphan blocks when you do find a block, but I dont think it makes that much of a difference.

Thank you KillerByte top Answer

Much Appriciated i have a new laptop coming tomorow that i plan to mine with (the laptop i am mining with now is a 1997 IBM T42.5…Soo Bob Hope and No Hope of finding any…0.0065 chains per day hehe)…its Super Shiny but the Internet Connection in the House were i am living is Proper Crap

So you Answer fits perfectly

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