Do you use Raspberry Pi in full headless mode?

That means no keyboard/mouse or screen connected. Using it strictly trough SSH.

No, I have a keyboard, mouse and screen attached as ssh from my Windows PC is not great (putty).

I don’t connect anything to my Pi, even during the install process. SSH ftw.

Duoduo system(wallet,ATM,etc):

I just SSH into it from my laptop.

After I plugged USB WLAN interfaces into my RaspberryPis (I meanwhile have a RaspberryPi 2, too :slight_smile: ) they only have a micro USB cable attached to them.
No need to have more cables plugged in :slight_smile:
Sometimes it’s hard to remember where the little devils are running, because they make no noise, no sound and only a little light. Gladly the amount of possible places is limited :smiley:

Yep, running headless. No KVM connected, all done via SSH and VNC. Running Minera and full dedicated PPC node. Pi is always on.