Do you require Nubit nodes?

I have one up and running (24hrs) running the wallet software.

Will it benefit the Nubits coin system to have these or is that pretty much managed by the custodians?

Also how about a website to demostrated the versitility of the coin, maybe lottery or something?

Looking forward to using Nubits when it takes off.

While on the subject, wouldn’t all the adjustments to stablise Nubits to the dollar make the blockchain size unworkable or am I missing the whole point lol?

I think nubits only requires the nushares owners to have their clients online 24/7.

The pricing adjustments are handled “on exchange.” Token pricing data is not stored in the block chain. Transactions and votes (custodial grants, parking rates, motions) are transmitted in the block chain, but the block chain will grow in size in a similar fashion to any of the one minute block time network