Do you agree it?

It is said the marketing publicity of PPC is too bad and development process of PPC is too slow from common Chinese oppinion, do you agree it?

Marketing has not been PPC’s strongest hand in the past, but big steps have been taken to address this, for example: overkillcoin’s two minute video, the Marketing Fund by cybnate and river, wildhorse’s work on the website, Yurizhai’s newsletter, and Chronos’ new Youtube channel

PPC’s development has also stepped up over the past few months: new versions of the client, and new initiatives such as peershares and peerbox. “Cold minting” is being worked on to increase the number of people minting and so improve security. And there is the anticipated launch of Nubits which will also benefit peercoin

So, I would not agree with the opinion that Peercoin’s marketing is poor, or development is slow. These are a thing of the past.

Things have to be taken in perspective. Compared to Bitcoin’s core development, Peercoin is actually moving along quite nicely. Also, there is something to be said for keeping a cautious, methodical pace when people’s money is involved. Peercoin is closing back toward the top 3 market cap precise because of its stability, its lack of drama/scandals, and its unmatched history of resistance to attacks.

Cryptocurrency is not mature yet. How can you develop fast? If you develop in wrong direction, the more, the worse.