Dividends in NuBits

Hi fellows,

I was wondering how welcoming the Peershares is against a peer blockchain with network fees and dividends paid in NuBits. And also with a decentralized exchange for NuBits-to-shares without any need to hold any other coin than NuBits.

/this has been discussed before. Nubits is Nu’s product. Distributing dividends with company products is defeating the purpose.

But some companies may want to use some other company’s product to distribute, and if allowing this is against “the purpose”, I would pretty much love to discuss about whose purpose that is.

[member=32808]Csys[/member] : the purpose of dividends is to externalize a part of the company’s profits.

A counterexample:

Imagine you are a holder of 20 Apple shares. Let’s say, they tell you “Oh wow this year we made such awesome profits, we’ll give you 1 extra share for each 20 shares you are holding. That’s an awesome 5% dividends.” … You think “Oh great! 1 extra share for me, that’s 5% profits!” then you think over it again, “OMG - the number of total Apple shares has increased, so my 21 shares are worth exactly as much as the 20 shares I have been holding, so in total, I got NO dividend at all” - which is true, it was a mere 20:21 split.
Similar example are those super high PoS rewards- value stays the same, distribution remains as it is, too- while number of coins is increasing.

Yes, you want Apple to pay you in dollar, because dollar is a common commodity and not an Apple product. Since we can’t pay in dollar, we use a considerably large cryptocoin. Perhaps a part of the agenda is, we want to give it some extra use, too.

I don’t remember mentioning THE purpose of dividends. What I said was about a possible use of dividends. Why preclude that use?