Discord tip bot


I needed some coding to ease my mind so I did this.

It is being run in testnet mode so far on our Discord channel, it looks stable thought it has some rough edges. Will likely be deployed in production this weekend.

Have fun.


tippbot 0.3 has been implemented and deployed on the discord channel today:

TippBot v0.3 - tip bot for Discord

:small_orange_diamond: You can phrase your commands anyway you like, for example ‘$tip 2 PPC to @daniel’ and ‘$tip I command you to send 2 ppc to @daniel’ are equal. Just start the line with command, ie. $tip. I’ll let you know if I can’t find what I’m looking for.

Supported commands are:

:small_blue_diamond: $help $man
Show this message.

:small_blue_diamond: $balance $wallet
Tells you how much coins you’ve got. There are two ways your balance increases: (1) receiving tips and (2) depositing coins.

:small_blue_diamond: $deposit
Gives you an address (with QR code) to transfer your coins, so you can start tipping others. You will receive a message when your transaction is received and confirmed.

:small_blue_diamond: $send $tip
:small_blue_diamond: needs: @who, amount
Tip other users. You have to tag who you want to tip and tell me the amount. If the operation is successful, the other users is informed of your action.

:small_blue_diamond: $withdraw
:small_blue_diamond: needs: address, amount
Withdraw coins to your wallet. You have to supply an address and amount for this.

:small_blue_diamond: $top $rank $leaderboard
Show who has tipped the most.

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