Difficulty at 16M. What is the next difficulty and when?


This latest PPC update talks about its difficulty reach 16M, which for a newbie like me doesn’t make a lot of sense.
However, when I visit Dustcoin.com to profit projection, the monthly PPC result went from (based on 100Ghz) 815/month to 645/month. That’s significant drop.

My question is what’s the next mathematical difficulty threshold and what kind of a drop in monthly mining production can we expect?
Lastly for the million dollar question: how soon can we expect the next difficulty level be reached?

Happy mining and happy Thanksgiving!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Again one of the superior qualities of peercoin over bitcoin is the fact that there is continuious difficulty adjustment based on the total network hashrate EVERY BLOCK. So no waiting 14 days for difficulty to drop back down, or someone stealing all the coins by having a massive mining rig and pumping the difficulty high etc.

so next difficulty adjustment will be in less than 10 mins :stuck_out_tongue: