Different versions of peercoin exe

I want to download v0.6.3, and have the regular three options:


I usually plump for peercoin-win-setup.exe, I think, but can someone please explain the reason for three choices. Thank you.

peercoind.exe - the “headless” daemon, command line and RPC interface. Usually for servers
peercoin-qt.exe - that is the Windows exe you can run direct with a user-oriented graphical user interface. Without a regular windows installer.

peercoin-win-setup.exe - i never saw this yet, where you downloading from? Maybe its new. Official binaries should be from https://peercoin.net/download

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Thanks. All three options are included from the link that you refer to. Perhaps the third option includes the windows installer that you refer to.

One is headless, one is the normal client exe, and one is for installation.