Did the PPC block reward halve recently?

Hello, I’m just trying to understand more about the recent increase in PPC price.

I saw on the hashrate chart that the hashrate dramatically increased in the last week or so, did the PPC block reward halve as well?

Hashrate increase:

How does the block reward halving relate to the hashrate increasing? Can someone please explain this why correlation happened and can you estimate how long it will be until it happens again?

The PPC PoW block reward drops smoothly with a rising hashrate. For every 16 times rise in hashrate the block reward halves. The last block reward for a PoW block is around 222 PPC now.

I cannot predict anything here.

Ah ok thanks, so that’s different to bitcoin where the reward drops in half.


ppc has the most unique features of any alt coin, except ppc’s clones.

proof of stake
reward system
fee destruction
fast dif. adjustment (1 block)

prob. more but can’t think of right now.

ppc is the most innovative alt coin to date.

Yes, reward depends on hash rate. If people stop mining the coin the reward for a PoW block will go up if the hash rate increases reward will go down.