Development Bounty Fund

I have been asked by a number of Peercoin holders if I would be willing to set up a development fund for the Peercoin community to distribute to developers as and when new Dev work is done or needed.

More information and donations can be made here

Few pointers to consider:

  1. This is a development fund that Fuzzybear will control the access to the coins but payment out can only be made once say 10 Peercointalk users agree who are higher than Junior Members on the forum.
  2. Anyone can donate, anyone can suggest a use for the donations
  3. Reward should be based on individual projects and can be a sliding scale based on factors like ease of use, well written code, open source etc.

NOTE: We are all eagerly awaiting the 0.4 PPC client from Sunny King, and this has stopped a number of bounties being raised for actual client work. Once 0.4 is released I think there will be a lot more scope for new devs to come in make pull requests and apply for bounties, but until 0.4 comes from Sunny King I think we should hold off setting any funds aside for such bounties and dev work.

Any questions do please ask or suggestions then please post in this thread.


This ^^^ 100%.

Yes, this is what every itself respecting autonomous entity, what I think Peercoin is or should become more, should do.
Also I agree that we should hold off until 0.4 development is published.

I like the ‘badges’ for the donators, but it would also be nice to have rewards for the developers.
E.g. 1 official project. PPC jr. developer
3-5 official projects PPC developer
5+ PPC top developer

Need to think through how the reward would work in teams. And some large projects might count for 2 or 3. I’m sure Peercoin community can come up with something smarter e.g. related to the size of the bounty.

Rewards the stakeholders for donating, recognise (and reward) the developers for the work. So Peercoin can be a good autonomous entity or organisation as you wish for all 8)

Just my thoughts.

Much appreciated Fuzzy. This looks good, we have to give some careful thought to structure. The LTC fund raiser was quite well managed with google docs spread sheet etc.

I think we can take a look at LTC and also the BTC structure is instructive.

Theymos has however sort of become a bit unstuck as he had ended up with trying to decentralize the funding received.

Apart from DEV bounties, some of the funds could be directed to, PeerCoin reps at big events, website dev, marketing, tutorials, etc

Its very hard to say how SK should/would want to be involved. I respect SK’s no donation to him directly 100% and have to take my hat of that he has near single handedly made two revolutionary coins worth $100’s of million heading to Billions. Perhaps SK current strategy of non intervention is the best. I am completely open to peoples view on this.

Perhaps some articles of association, a formal board and monthly or quarterly meetings should be held. We could have say a consensus, majority or veto structure for major payments, and give say a discretionary powers to a certain value eg Fuzzy for smaller things to make it all work efficiently.

One of the main things is to have a system that has no singe point of failure, so if people move on the funds are not lost.

I very much value a consensus approach rather than a to majority / 51% vote as the minority even of a few must hold their views for reason, and this should be valued for a counterpoint. But that me. I also feel this Fora has a much better vibe than many others.

If anyone want to put their hands up for roles chime in in this thread.