Developer Fund

Is there some sort of PPC address where I can send some PPC or BTC or whatever. I’ve been a PPC holder since 2014 and I dont want to take it for granted, I’d rather show my appreciation of the efforts of others to drive Peercoin forwards.

Is there something setup for this?


I was wondering recently what happened to

So much outdated stuff on that website. In my opinion we should just shut it down and roll all the funds into a general development fund controlled by the team. We would need to post a notice though and give some time for people who want to withdraw.

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There are plans to orchestrate this, but before that allow us to get formal organization.

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Well PPC will only get more valuable as the developers & core PPC team make it happen through your hard work and dedication. Let me know when you are ready so I can show my appreciation


Do you remember who is / was responsible for peer4commit?

Was it @sigmike?

Releasing those funds from peer4commit would make a decent dev fund already.

Yes, Sigmike still operates it.