I discovered a few things over the past few days, and thought I would share on the info to other Bitcoiners.

  1. You can get INTEREST (Earn money for coins in the bank) on coins you deposit here

  2. You can earn FREE coins writing here

any questions? ask here

You can trade those coins on MCXnow for BTC

And if you go on amazon, and buy one of these headsets…

You can earn free coins on that website just by talking into that headset and posting it to the website.

Also, if you have Devcoins, you should look into this:

Spread the word!!!

True, but you have to trust MCXnow

Why always push alt coins on altcoinforums?

MCXnow is trustable!
I’ve been trading with PPC and BTC, they pay you an interest each 6 hours!

It Would be nice if the value of Devcoin would go up,so it would be worth it to trade or sell

I wouldn’t consider Devcoin as a trading coin. It has its purpose for the developers community and I think that is good.