Describing Peercoin and the benefits it provides

If the Winklevoss brothers, arguably two of the largest holders of Bitcoin can’t articulate it in an interview, it’s not going to resonate with rest of the World.

If we can find a way to explain what Peercoin is, how it works, and what benefits it provides, in simple terms, we’ll be well on our way to securing the currency’s use.

That was just painful to watch :frowning:

I do believe it will catch on on itself. I’m a recent convert of PPC. As a protest to not having access to mining hardware and cheap electricity, I moved all my BTC to PPC. The mining hardware and electricity attached to bitcoin would be points of centralization in the future. The BTC people will realize this in the future as I have this early on. It’s just a matter of providing a short and accurate description of PPC is to siphon them into this currency.