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Deleted Post no longer relevant

I seem to remember there was a reason Sunny King didn’t agree with this happening, but I forget. @hrobeers, do you remember what he said about the topic? I remember you were advocating it for a little bit before he told us why it wasn’t a good idea.

Just to be clear, not trying to discourage the idea as it would increase mining and lower inflation. I just remember Sunny had something negative to say about it, so we should consider that first.


Merge mining with Bitcoin is against fundamentals of Peercoin.
However pools could allow merge mining of altcoins with Peercoin.

Previous discuss: [ANN] Merged mining with bitcoin, emercoin, namecoin,

We are not in favour of merged mining as mining is used for fair distribution, not for securing the chain.
Merged mining would make it even harder for peercoin supporters to mine their share of PPC.

For (smaller) PoW coins merged mining is a MUST, just because you risk some serious attacks if you don’t.
We don’t have that problem.

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