Deadline for V0.6 update?

What is the deadline for V0.6 update? I intend to update as late as possible to minimise chances of running into problems with the new client.

Also will i have to redownload the entire chain?

By delaying the upgrade you delay v0.6, there is no deadline it needs 90% of last 1000 blocks to activate.

Yes, you have to re-download the chain.

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There is no deadline indeed, the fork will not activate if it isn’t supported enough by the network.
Also running a v0.5 client will not fork you of the chain after the fork activated. Your blocks will just get orphaned (you won’t be able to produce blocks anymore).

Anyway if you want a date, I suggest to update before Tue 12 Dec 03:40:00 UTC 2017.
The fork is prevented to happen before that date even if 90% of PoS blocks signal fork support.

This date is chosen to give non-signaling parties the time to update e.g. mining pools and exchanges.

that’s very funny man, considering minting exchange with most peercoins ever.

Yes they probably are, although they don’t need to, while they are critical infrastructure.

Updated to V0.6. Ran into some problems which i have reported here: