Damaged wallet.dat

The following situation:
I have accidantally wiped the ssd with my wallet on it, and got it back with a disc recovery software, but Peercoin qt wont start with this wallet.dat in the datadirectory, so im trying to extract the keys manually.
I have opend the file in a hex editor, and found some “blockindex” strings, so I assume it is indead a wallet.
My next step would be to start from the beginning of the wallet, take 32 Bytes, treat it as a hexkey, calculate the adress from it and check if there is a balance, if not (or not all) move forward one byte and repeat.
If I use http://wallet.peercointalk.org and ppc.cryptocoinexplorer.com/ im affraid, My PC will get banned for spamming/dos attack. And I would rather avoid dealing with ECDSA code, so does anyone here hava a Idea to find the keys in the wallet.dat?

How much coins lost? I can recover it.

Blub, please declare amount lost, I’ll send same amount(or BTC equivalent) to FuzzyBear(escrow http://escrow.peercointalk.org/), send me your wallet.dat, I’ll send recovered coins(-1% for FB’s escrow service) to address pointed by you and FB will return my deposit. If I fail and you’ll give FB prove that I scammed you, he’ll send my deposit to you.
Alternatively I can write app and give you the sources - 10PPC.