| Primecoin Marketplace and Auction Site with Automated Escrow

[font=georgia][size=18pt][/size][/font][size=12pt] Primecoin Marketplace and Auction site with Automated Escrow!!![/size]

After a month of planning, developing and testing, it’s finally here!! Your first ebay like auction and marketplace site for Primecoin XPM is now available for you to buy, sell and auction items for primecoin and other crypto currencies.

We’ve started developing our site back in June, we went public beta in early September with only Bitcoin and Litecoin accepted, and now we’re in public beta 3 with XPM and FTC added as of yesterday (my time that is) :slight_smile:

cryptothrift is a market place and auction site with automated escrow, users provide their primecoin and other crypto coin addresses before being able to post any items. We require that as we DO NOT keep your funds with us for too many reasons including the security of your coins. The past month has proven that it’s becoming impossible for the best security experts in the world to keep your coins safe online, which is why we send your funds instantly the moment the buyer’s payment clears.

But how about escrow funds??
Escrow funds stay in our online wallets for no longer than 5 min after a payment clears, every 5 minutes the remainder coins are sent to an offline wallet where they’re stored until the escrow is released.

We’re running a promotional offer where you only pay TX fee of 0.01 XPM on all sold items. This offer ends at the end of 2013 (Dec 31st) where the fees will become a flat 1% fees across the site.
Our escrow service is free for sellers. Buyers who decide to use escrow (where available) will pay a 1% escrow fee.
Seller with 5 or less successful sales are forced to provide escrow on their listings. After the 5 sales are successful, sellers can choose not to provide escrow, but we highly recommend they do and leave the choice to the buyer to decide whether or not they want to use escrow.

We have a categorised listing system and a multi-currency support. Please read our FAQ and the this page as well as our Terms and Conditions before starting to buy/sell on cryptothrift.

If you think our project will enhance the use of Primecoin and we’re adding value to the currency, please consider donating to our project or buy our devs a beer :slight_smile:


We’ll be looking forward to your feedback, comments and suggestion for features you’d like to see.

Please feel free to post any questions here and we’ll do our best to get to them asap.