Cryptocurrency solution that can be used to pay for goods and services


Do anyone knows a Cryptocurrency solution that can be used to pay for goods and services?


Pretty much all of them. What do you mean? It depends on what the merchant accepts. That’s like asking ‘what currency should I use to buy a drink at the store?’ The answer is ‘whatever currency the store accepts that you are willing to spend.’


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Actually, I am a new bee here and I don’t know much about transaction through cryptocurrency I got to know that few companies are offering products and services in exchange of digital currencies like the sapphire coin, Ripple, Monero, AUDcoin and Zcash. So what’s your point of view on these currencies?


Those are what we call ‘altcoins’ because they are alternates to Bitcoin. For reference, this website we are currently talking on is a Peercoin forum and Peercoin is also an altcoin, as is any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin. With this context in mind I would suggest starting with Bitcoin as a payment system as it is supported more universally and will help you parse the cryptocurrency payment process.


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But these alt coins are providing more benefits then bit coins, even some of them are giving rewards point on using them. so what you say should one can use bit coin only instead of using these coins?


Generally, the ‘benefits’ awarded by altcoins comes with some cost, usually security or volatility (i.e. market depth). That said, you do you babe. If you think a particular coin is the right coin to use for whatever application you have in mind, more power to you.

Of course, most people here think Peercoin is the best overall coin, so clearly that is my choice given all else the same.


okay, so what do you think in which altcoin i have to invest or I’ll invest in bitcoin only? kindly share your thoughts…

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Peercoin can be used to pay for goods and services?


You should ask the merchant what they support. There is no general answer to this question.


Actually, I found a coin that can be used to pay for good and services name as AUDCoin, this coin is developed by a company named Aussie Digital which have its own e-commerce ecosystem. They also have there own e-commerce website where we can buy products using there AUDcoin and even we get rewards point too… which can be again used as AUDcoin.
You can visit:


I’m not really into shilling shitcoins.


How can you say that these coins are shilling without using them, I found hundreds of good reviews about these type of coins. Did you have any bad experience? please share


An example of shilling would be coming to a forum about a particular crypto, like the Peercoin forum, and steering the conversation away from the host coin and toward some other specific coin, such as audcoin. Usually, this is accompanied by mentions of ‘rewards’ as well as a link to the their website, all without much awareness to how the conversation pertains to the host coin in any way.

That said, this is in the off-topic category, so feel free to shill away. I just said I’m not really into it.


As for me, for this purpose you can use a lot of different altcoins, which have an acceptable speed of transactions. These are tokens like Monero, Ripple or Litecoin. I would also mention NEM separately. By the way, I suggest investing in it now, and it’s convenient to withdraw tokens in fiat using


In which token do you invest and why?