Crypto Asset Survey

Executing a perfect survey is quite the science.

But assuming that some insights are more helpful than no insights, I’ve created a survey to ask a bunch of questions about Crypto Assets.

If you have about 4 minutes or so, please take this survey, that has about 10 questions.


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Lol at that money scale being linear divisions of $1M. “So, will you invest like $100k or like $500k?” Yah, ok, sure, one of those.

Is ‘reddit’ a blog/message board? I guess.

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When I saw that scale it depressed me somewhat having to pull it so far to the left.

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I was bummed by the $2k minimum division size. :laughing:

They didn’t offer logarithmic or exponential options, and I figured a slider would make it fun.

Lesson learned.

Hey, $1 MM … dream big, right? :slight_smile:

We have 10 responses. I was hoping for more, but hey even with 10 there are some useful results.

So the slider thing for how much to invest doesn’t work. That may tickle the schaudenfreude in a few.

Last call before I close it out.

The survey is closed.

The results are available here:


Nice research and results. Thanks for posting.
Please repeat the survey when/if community becomes more active on this forum, I am looking forward to see results of this same survey with 100 or more participants.