Crowdsource my book: The ignorant three percent shoestring speculator

Hello. I’m pillow and you might know me from the peercointalk chat, where I from time to time talk about trading.

I’ve gotten some great feedback and even a peercoin tip(:-*) from people who I have found my trading talk helpful (or at least entertaining).

Now I’m thinking about writing a book and I want to do some research if it is possible to crowd source it. The crowd fund model would go like this. I promise to write, say 12 chapters. Every chapter I write, I send to people who want to help me and they in return send me some peercoins.

That way I get an incentive to write (which I need, because writing is hard work), people get chapters every now and then and in the end also the finished book in its entirely.

In the book, I will walk through everything that people need to know about speculating in assets (not only peercoins). It will include money management, psychology, risk management, technical analysis and much more.

The unique selling point is that this book will present information for people with no background in trading who want to learn. That means that there will only be very simple instructions that everyone (I hope) can learn. There will be no technical jargon, the technical analysis will be presented in a non mumbo-jumbo way along with rational explanations why I believe this works.

Speculation is not a science, I don’t know everything and I can be wrong. It will merely be a condensation of what I’ve learned.

Now I wonder, how much money (in USD) could you see yourself donating per chapter for something like this?

Since you are my favourite spammer, I will chip in 50$. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm… per chapter per person…
I think this book of yours might be something in between literature you read for fun and scientific literature.
So I think the complete book might be in the range between 10 USD and 150 USD.
I think I start with a per chapter offer of 10 USD (to incentivize at least the first chapter :wink: ) and reserve the right to adjust that after having read a chapter.
Oh, wait. What about starting at 10 USD “chapterbase reward” and halving that reward after each 3 chapters?
Sounds silly? Let’s just say I’m inspired by Bitcoin [emoji14]

what about a pagenumber based chapter reward ;D and the more buyers, the lower the chapter reward? :))

I’m not a speculator, would offer a few bucks a chapter. And maybe after reading, I call the book an asset and I can resell it for more than I paid for it 8)

I want to be able to mint chapters with the chapters I already have. Perhaps you can write the world’s first POS book? :))