Crowdfunding for Peercoin addition to BoxWallet

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking to set-up a crowdfunding campaign to add Peercoin to BoxWallet.

What is BoxWallet?

BoxWallet is a single binary multi-coin CLI tool, that gets your coin-of-choice wallet/node set-up fast with just a few commands:

boxwallet “coin” - allows you to choose your coin of choice, which, when selected, downloads the projects core files from their official website and installs them automatically.

boxwallet “start” - starts the coin’s daemon, which syncs the Blockchain.

boxwallet “dash” - displays a dashboard with the coins Blockchain and wallet info.

What are some of BoxWallet’s features?

  • Install and run a CLI node or wallet simple, by using two commands: coin, to choose your coin of choice and start to start the syncing.
  • Setting up multiple nodes/staking wallets on a single machine.
  • Viewing your wallet/node that might be running on a Pi, from another computer such as Linux, Mac or Windows.
  • Displaying the staking status of your wallet.
  • Displaying blockchain and master node syncing status.
  • Displaying of block count and network difficulty.
  • Auto fixing common wallet issues, which can be common after power failures.
  • Balance in your coin, USD, AUD and GBP (more coming soon…)

I’m looking to crowdfund 1,500 PPC

Any questions, please let me know.

Thank you

An example of the “coin” command is displayed below:


When your coin of choice is selected, it automatically downloads the coin core files from the projects website…

The “dash” command, displays a customised dashboard for your chosen coin, and example is:

Thanks for your consideration. Please use the following Peercoin address any donations, and I look forward to adding Peercoin soon.