[CRASPool] Seeking Funding for New Peercoin Pool

Hello Everyone,

I am looking to gauge interest on opening a new peercoin pool, and to find any willing investors as well. I’d like to add to the available options for all Peercoin miners. Brief description of pool below:

PPLNS 1% fee
Vardiff or manual diff with minimum manual diff (tbd)
18 Confirmations on blocks - Will decrease to 6 confirms once pool is functioning and finding blocks
Eastern US based hosted server
2FA option for all accounts

More details to come. I’d like to make this a community driven pool, with changes based largely on feedback given here on Peercointalk. I am planning to implement polls for suggested changes and features so majority rules and helps shape the pool. I will be using my own money and time on this, so any funding/donations are to offset the cost of getting everything running. If anyone is interested in supporting the pool, let me know here on the thread and I can provide further details once interest level is gauged.

Thank you!