Was looking around some of the other forums and tonight I came across, on more than one occasion, folks talking about, “cPoW”.
Usually I see someone(s) comparing it to the rest of the systems and stating it is superior for various reasons. In all honesty
most of the reasons I see seem to be more whining then anything, but I thought I would create a brief discussion here in hopes that the more
technically inclined, or those more familiar with it might answer a question or two.

POS is the rich get richer system. (We see people cry this all the time)
POW that isn’t ASIC resistant is rich get richer system (Seem familiar?)

cPoW is the way of the future, everything else will become second rate.

I would find the link, but I closed the darn tab by mistake, but ultimately I’m asking what is CPOW? I understand the principles of both POS and POW.
So what exactly is cPOW? Is it just the new miner system that uses lower GPU voltage? Is it an actual system for another algo? Just curious.

©omplex proof-of-work


Thanks for the link Ben!