Corrupted wallet download

I tried to download Peer Coin Wallet from this url:

This wallet is corrupted with a trojan virus.
Can someone please direct me to a virus free wallet for Windows 10 - 64 Bit.

no, it is not a virus. It is more like a false positive.

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my anti virus keeps picking it up as a trojan virus.
Should i by pass and give permission?

Yes. I downloaded the wallet for windows 10 64-bit over the weekend. So long as the wallet is from that link, it’s good

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this wallet download is constantly now failing to download.

Please provide more information - was there an error message?

First things first. Do you already have a wallet with peercoins - if so, make a back-up of the wallet.

have you checked the SHA256 hash?
certUtil -hashfile pathToFileToCheck [HashAlgorithm]