Core Dev Team Unanimously Votes in PeerAssets Architect as Peercoin's New Project Leader - PoW Difficulty Spikes 4x in One Month to 2 Billion

  • The Core Team has voted unanimously in favor of PeerAssets Architect @peerchemist as Project Leader of Peercoin. The responsibilities of this position include keeping a watchful eye on the overall crypto space, both politically as well as researching into new technologies. As part of the project leader’s official duties, he will use the insight gained from this continuous research to help connect the dots and provide a vision and a plan of action for Peercoin’s future. He will work directly with the development team, providing them with both the focus and direction necessary to lead Peercoin to success. Sunny King approves of Peerchemist in taking this official role and has offered him his full support. Sunny will of course continue his current role within the dev team as founder and lead developer of the Peercoin protocol.

  • The Core Peercoin Team as mentioned above has also been clearly defined and now officially consists of the following members and their accompanying titles. This list will be continuously updated as core members assume more prominent roles within the team and new members and developers of varying talents join us…

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  • Google searches for both Peercoin and proof of stake have spiked again since their highs in 2013/2014…

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Social media announcements…

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I’ve altered the titles for 3 team members because I feel the original titles that were used in this update were not descriptive enough. @saeveritt, @Fuzzybear and @backpacker69 were previously listed as Core Members, the same as Irritant and Nagalim, however in reality they are developers.

@sigmike and @hrobeers are Core Protocol Developers. I originally wanted to list Saeveritt, Fuzzybear and backpacker69 as Core Developers without “Protocol” in the title, however I felt the distinction might not be obvious enough to people and cause confusion. This is the reason I just labeled them as Core Members instead.

Now I feel this title is not accurately representing their abilities and responsibilities, so I’ve decided to simply call them Developers and leave “Core” out of the name completely, thus removing any potential confusion that they may be working on the core protocol. So to be clear, they are developers that work on Peercoin related projects like PeerAssets, block explorers, infrastructure, maybe even the client itself, however they don’t work on the core protocol.

I’ve also slightly adjusted the titles for @peerchemist and @Sunny_King to be more descriptive. So the titles will now be as follows…

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What’s the difference between a Core Member and a Developer? Please define Core Member.

A core member is someone who just helps us out with various projects and doesn’t have any coding skills.

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