Continious-reward/proof-of-work coin

Hey guys,

I was just wondering the following. What if there existed a cryptocurrency where block rewards were the always same, forever, and no cap was issued.
I don’t really understand why we need to create a method and/or put more effort into ‘emulating scarcity’, or anything like that.
If there was a continious reward, like say, 1 coin per block, that would mean that inflation still drops every block, maybe not as fast, but it still happends.
Then there is also the fact that people lose money, like sending it to a valid but non-existing address, or losing you wallet. But because there are always new coins being minted, at some point, the new coins make up for the lost coins.
In other words, an equilibrium will be reached, at which the amount of coins lost on average equals the amount of new coins that are created again, stabalizing the currency.

Why is there no coin like this yet? Any thoughts on why this would or would not be a good idea?
Thank you.

yes … devcoin has infinite coins that will be produced. no block halving just 50,000 DVC per block from now untill the end of time.

Has attracted different economic models and yes no reason to stick fast to the hard cap limit of coins. Is often argued as a strong point of bitcoin in making it a deflationary currency but it is hugely different from mainstream fiat economic models and hance attracted a lot of debt investors i believe.

Peercoin has no hard cap though it is looking to trend to a total supply of coins based on market adoption and mining interest… is primecoin capped?? no real reason why it should be other than to keep in line with bitcoin on being deflationary