Conference Calls

Today Merockstar, bitcoing, and I had an impromptu conference call to talk through some technical issues and ended up having a really great discussion about cryptos generally and things we might do to help out PPC.

We though it could be really positive if we were to set up some future times for groups of us from the forum to get on google hangouts to chat,plan and learn from each other. If you like this idea post to this thread and we’ll coordinate something.

Make sure you post a timezone so we get a sense of where the community is and what hours might work

i would participate again if the timing is such that I can log on. Today just happened to be a random day off for me most of the time I’ll be working at this time.

Anytime 10PM Eastern Standard Time (idk how that translates to UTC), or after should work for me. except for Wednesdays.

I would like to participate in a conference call if it meets my schedule. Would be fun to discuss Peercoin and other cryptos

count me in for sure… you were both very kind to talk me through my tech problems. we got there in the end!

it was also great to get your thoughts where crypto’s are heading.

i am sure we can find a time to suit all!


Count me in as well.

nice idea to get along the community! would like to join if the time permit.

this could provide an easier means of tech support too. if somebody has an issue, odds are one of us can figure it out.