Concentration of ownership

Interesting data on top PPC holdings by address!rich . Of the 24.2M PPC in circulation (or cold storage), the top address is claimed to hold about 9% and number two has about 8%. Doesn’t this give these two quite a bit of market power to affect the price? Is anyone else a bit uneasy about this in terms of a supposedly decentralized network?

What I’ve heard before is that they are exchange addresses, most likely btc-e. I’m not sure how that is known though.

Hmm. That page attributes number 5 (3% holdings) to Poloniex. But the numero uno last transacted 320 days ago? They are sitting on quite a pile, waiting for something I guess. Would be community-minded of them to divest some or all at a measured pace to the masses, rather than just dumping it someday.

A few very rich owners: Very creepy, really. Fair distribution? Aha.

The 320 days last transaction address could be a cold wallet of an exchange, or not?

The main thing that’s fair is that everyone has the potentially equal chance to mine the same amount of coins.
Some can afford more than others, it always comes down to that.
Everyone had the same conditions at launch. There was no developer mining on his own for some time. There was no ICO, creating all the coins at once and leaving them only in a few hands. The launch was fair.
Most launches you see today are not.
People that see PPC as valuable had five years to accumulate them. I don’t blame them.

This distribution scheme is not unique to Peercoin:

Wealth Distribution
Top 10/100/1,000/10,000 addesses
BTC 5.09% / 18.08% / 35.34% / 57.85% Total
LTC 23.52% / 52.30% / 74.19% / 91.22% Total
DASH 9.77% / 16.95% / 30.13% / 95.05% Total
DOGE 28.87% / 50.56% / 72.87% / 89.19% Total
PPC 34.36% / 60.64% / 87.44% / 98.85% Total
NMC 40.13% / 66.34% / 90.02% / 98.57% Total


BTC holdings are much less concentrated than the others, which I assume is due to larger number of participants in the market, public awareness, and market cap. Hopefully PPC ownership concentration will decrease over time as it is more widely adopted.

That seems to have been the case for LTC and DOGE. I remember those numbers to be higher, but I can’t provide proof or exact numbers.

It’s still early for PPC.

PPC wealth distribution should improve over time as adoption increases

The big peercoin holders are probably just using a few addresses, while the big BTC, LTC, … holders have evolved and are using BIP32 wallets with their holdings distributed over many addresses.

These numbers give an indication I agree, but you cannot make hard conclusions out of them.