Comprehensive list of pages


Sentinelrv asked that communications be public, which is why this is a thread instead of a PM.

Would you be able to compile a complete tree list of all pages for the new site, with some annotations? I would like to know your thoughts on the level of content creation and editing needed. Give each page:

(0) if you consider it to be already done
(1) if it needs only a little editing
(2) if it needs some new content and editing
(3) if it needs a significant amount of new content
(*) if you think an instructional video would also be useful for the page.


[ul][li]Home (3)
[list][li]Mining (1)[/li]
[li]Minting (2)


Sure thing, will jump on this right now!

One thing we talked about earlier in the thread is that “Individual” is too broad and that it should probably be split into “Saver” and “Consumer.” Saver would contain relevant info like explaining how Peercoin is a great savings coin. It would include topics on minting and safe storage of coins, etc… Consumer would be about spending your coins, how to send and transfer them, etc…

I just wanted to make sure you both knew this before starting work in these pages.

Here is the list:

Things written in bold are most important for you to write.

EDIT: Sentinel, yea, mentioned it in the document, just forgot what the other was called, anyways, thanks for the reminder.

I’ve used the document from this thread to build a sitemap here:

TheWildHorse, I’ve given you write access to all site documents. Please feel free to post your mockup links in the associated content pages. My goal is to have each entry in the sitemap contain a link to its own document, which contains:

[ul][li]Link to graphical mockup for the page (or, as we near completion, a link to a staging site)[/li]
[li]Script to proposed video, if any[/li]
[li]Written content for the page[/li][/ul]


Sure, I will put the pages on my test server so I can put links on the map.

Thanks! It would probably save time to put up a staging site immediately (for some pages), instead of using images, if we’re ready for that.

A staging server has been set-up on my box and the links to current implementations of individual pages are linked in the sitemap file.