[Completed] Mini Press Release - Vault of Satoshi

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[PPC] Peercoin is the third crypto added to Vault of Satoshi


October 28, 2013 - We are pleased to announce that Peercoin (PPC) has been added to the Vault of Satoshi Exchange to be traded with the other two market leaders Bitcoin and Litecoin. With the 3rd highest crypto market cap, the Peercoin community looks forward to working with the exchange to promote Peercoin to a broarder audience while working toward merchant adoption.

“Now that the base is laid out we can start making our exchange the best exchange out there.” said Mike Curry, Acting Ceo of Vault of Satoshi, “We’ve always thought of BTC as the Gold of Crypto Currencies, LTC as the Silver, and now PPC will be our ‘Bronze’.”

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