Compiling for OS X megathread


i am not sure what I have to do to “officially” release a build that works for all people who tried it, so I’ll just paste the link here and there in hope that people who do have power to put it up on peerunity page will pick it up and publish it.

Peerunity 0.2.0 for macosx

shasum 2946d542ed193bbd3f9695f1c3345101f152a060

if people are interested in signed packages, I can provide that too if apple tax is covered by community.

Peerunity v0.2.1 for macosx ready

shasum 6cb4c85ab56e35a5f5b1c32580d7d17ee3d88c32

Peerunity v0.2.2 for macosx ready



[member=32708]backpacker69[/member] Great work :slight_smile: